There is presented small view to our equipment offer price.
Besides, take in mind, we have an individual approach to each client and activity and that is why this offer price have only information meaning.

Active Powered Speakers

KV 2 Audio EX 10
500W Broadband powered speakers 65Hz-20kHz
SPL: 126dB Cont, 129dB Peak
Price: 22,00EUR

KV 2 Audio EX 12
500W Broadband powered speakers 55Hz-22kHz
SPL: 127dB Cont, 130dB Peak
Price: 35,00EUR

KV 2 Audio EX 2.2
1000W Subbas 2 x 12’ 45Hz-125Hz
SPL: 130dB Cont, 133dB Peak
Price: 29,00EUR

KV 2 Audio KX 1.2
500W Subbas 1 x 12’ 38Hz-130Hz
SPL: 124dB Cont, 127dB Peak
Price: 22,00EUR

KV 2 Audio KX 1.5
500W Subbas 1 x 15’ 38Hz-130Hz
SPL: 125dB Cont, 128dB Peak
Price: 22,00EUR

As well as other producers/manufacturers popular powered speakers from 15,00EUR

Small Concert Systems

KV 2 Audio ES series
A complete set for an event where number of visitors is smaller than 750 people
Price: 220,00EUR

Double ES series
For events with less than 1500 people
Price: 355,00EUR

Big Concert Systems

KV 2 Audio VHD system
For events with less than 1500 people
Price: 715,00EUR

KV 2 Audio VHD system (full)
For events with less than 10 000 people
Price: 1425,00EUR

It is possible to combine VHD and ES systems

Mixing consoles

DiGiCo S21 system
DiGiCo S21
DiGiCo D2 rack
2x CA5e 100m
Price: 230,00EUR

Midas M32R
16 Mic Inputs
8 XLR outputs
17 Motor fader
Wireless Remote Control via IOS App
Price: 50,00EUR

ALLEN & HEATH ML 4000-48
44 mono 6 stereo, 12 Aux, 8 VCA
Price: 170,00EUR

10 mono , 2 stereo, 6 aux, 4 subgrupas
Price: 30,00EUR

There are avaliable other smaller soundcrafts from 7,00EUR

Digital Multicors

48 + 16 channels, splitter
Price: 85,00EUR

As well as various "backline" collections support, DJ devices, microphones, radiomicrophones, signal and power commutation


PAR type dazzle lamps, stroboscopes, blinders, intelligent light systems, light panels etc.